No Turning Back? Would You Undo a Past Decision if You Had the Chance?

Last week we had readers vote on different questions they’d like us to ask people. We wanted to know what people would most want to know about others, but might be willing to ask. All week we’re asking those questions and having those conversations. Today we’re talking about the past and here’s what we asked:


“I would. I know they say that changing the past has a ripple effect, that if you change one thing, you change everything, but I don’t know. There’s one choice, one decision I made that cost me so much that I might almost risk it changing everything else, even though I am happy with my life overall. It’s like that nagging what-if. It’s one of the few things I every really doubted and I feel like I would have to take the chance and find out if I did it right or did it wrong. And no, I am not going to share specifics. Sorry.”

“This might sound ridiculous, but if I could just go back in time to some time in late 1998 and carry with me the knowledge I have now, I’d go back to when I first realized I was gaining more than the typical, occasional up or down 5 lbs., and just absolutely refuse to eat anything that wasn’t on some really really really stoic diet. Pretty much indefinitely. Is that legit? Because once the weight went up, it has gotten a lot harder to lose. But, if I just never ate anything in the first place, I would not have gained it, right? That sounded ridiculous. But it’s the truth. Because it’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever let happen to me that I should have had more self-control to prevent. I don’t know why I let it happen …and God knows I fought it, tooth and nail, every year, month, pretty much every week since, and there hasn’t been a day since late 1998 or early 1999 that has gone by without me feeling horrible about my weight. I know it’s messed up a lot of things that could have been much easier for me, and ruined some opportunities, probably. I see it now more than ever.”

“I would have finished school and got my degree.”

“There is always something you would want to change if you could. However, without sounding overly nerdy, everything I’ve done good bad or indifferent, has brought me to this moment with this family and friends and I’m happy where I’m at. So no, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“If I could undo any decisions in the past, I would probably brush my teeth more. Root canals suck!”

“YES. Well, there are a few. Dropping out of high school is at the top of that list. But the decision to not do EVERYTHING necessary to save the relationship with my one and only true love, not taking all the blame, but looking back, me doing a few simple things and making some “Life adjustments” would have saved us. At least I’d like to think so and wish I would have tried just a little harder. I have not been “truly” happy since then.”

“Like the great prophet Sinatra once said, “Regrets, I’ve had a few”, but I have always viewed mistakes as life lessons. That said, I wouldn’t change a thing and genuinely hope that I have learned from my mistakes.”

“I don’t think I have any regrets that would warrant a “re-do”. I think we all wish at times we did this instead of that or said yes instead of no, but I can’t think of anything “big” enough to wish for a second chance.”

“Just 1. I really wish I would have run the bases at the ballpark and got thrown out. I could’ve done it and I didn’t. There was a blood drive at Citizens Bank Park. The reward was, you got to try on the World Series ring and tour the dugout. We were not allowed on the field. But I know I could’ve made it to third. Especially after blood donors started passing out from the heat.”

“Not sure if I would undo a past decision. Our decisions are what we are made of. Might throw my whole world out of whack.”

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