Who Inspires You? Role Models Revealed by our Readers.

Last week we had a contest. And in that contest there was a poll. And in that poll there were questions. And in that… okay, okay, you get the idea. We asked, you answered. And this was the question we asked for today:


“My Godmother. As a child she was the only woman I knew that had a Masters Degree and never married. She was strong and generous. I try to be generous also and I feel like I’m teaching my daughter the importance of an education.”

“My parents were and still are. They may have their quirks and such, but I’ve always admired them and tried to take their positive aspects/traits and try to mimic that in my own life.”

“My role models were naturally, my parents. So everything I’ve become and have done, are partially due to their influence. Whether that is good or bad is yet to be determined. I think I’m on the right track.”

“My mother, sisters, cousins are all the ones who I learned everything from. Following my sisters and older cousins around molded me, especially influenced my extreme love of music!”

“It’s funny, working in education I have always felt that it is my job to always try to be a positive role model. A professor told me something that stuck with me and has profoundly influenced who I am as an educator: He said you can take anyone on the planet and they will be able to tell you who their best teacher was and who their worst teacher was so if you want to succeed, do everything you can to harness the best qualities of your favorite teacher and no matter how bad things get, never act like your worst teacher. So my role models have always been people working in my profession that managed to be successful, stay true to their personality, and didn’t take things out on the people around them when the going got tough. The effect that they had on my life was profound because they showed me the right way to be a leader and how to set an example.”

“Growing up, my mother & my older brother Bill. Both taught me how to lead a life governed by morals, ethics & manners.”

“My mom was, and still is, a model of patience and perseverance. Not just cause she put up with me. She had a brain aneurysm when I was 7. She nearly died. They brought her back. She saw the light, and God told her she had to come back to raise her girls. She had to learn to walk and talk again. And raise me, she did.”

“All I can think about is Charles Barkley telling the world he is not a role model. From that point on I have questioned what really defines a role model. Too often we put people that we idolize on a pedestal. I have always been rather grounded. Other than my Father, I would be hard pressed to define a person as a role model. I generally have taken situations that were learning experiences and used them to mold the person that I am. No one person took the lead in that department.”

It’s good to see that in an age of overpaid athletes and a culture of reality tv and celebrity worship that the majority of people still seem to hold the real-life, up close and personal people in their lives as their role models. It gives a little hope for the future. Maybe we haven’t been Kardashianed beyond repair after all.

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