Ghosts and Spirits and Psychics, Oh My! Do You Believe in Supernatural and Paranormal Phenomena?

As part of our re-launch party last week we asked readers to vote on different questions that they’d most like to have us ask people. This week, we’re asking those questions. We started with this one and here’s what people had to say.


“Yes, I’ve had a supernatural experience. My mom visited me a year or two after she passed away. No, it was not a dream. I know this because I had, and still do, have dreams about her and nothing comes close. We had a conversation on my porch at a house she had never been to because she had already passed before I moved there. My mom was “blind” without her glasses. she wore them my whole life. She was not wearing glasses. She also looked like she did when I was a little boy. I asked her a few questions. Like “are you happy?” She said “yes”. “Are you in pain?” She said ‘no”. “Is it everything we were taught?” She said “Oh yes.” Then I got a smile and she was gone. I sat straight up in my bed. Was awesome.”

“Yes, several. Grew up in a haunted house & believe my grandfather visited my brother & I, moments after he died in a nearby hospital (came into our bedroom and leaned on the bed, but we freaked out & he left).”

“Yes little ones. Personal ones. Like feeling, yes feeling, a smile. Although it sounds odd, I have felt a smile from my uncle, from my mother-in-law and brother-in-law. Or a song on the radio that comes, when I need it most, that is a reminder of a lost loved one.”

“I have felt the presence of loved ones who have passed. Not sure if that qualifies.”

“Many years ago a bunch of kids in my area built a raft & went out on the Delaware River for a day of fun. Unfortunately, the raft broke apart & they all had to swim to safety. Once they were on solid ground, they realized one of their friends had never surfaced. They searched for him but could not find him. The police were then called & they had a search team look for him for days but they couldn’t find him. My Aunt lived on the same block as the family of the missing boy. They were familiar with her ability to see things/know things that others usually didn’t. With no other options, the family went to my Aunt for help in locating their son. My Aunt described the location where the boy could be found. The family convinced the police to work with my Aunt in locating the boy. I am sure that was not easy. My Aunt told them she believed the boy was in a metal drainage system & described the area. They police went to the area & the boy was there, exactly as my Aunt described. Sadly, he was not alive, but at least he was located & his family could have some type of closure. Since then, I believe it has become a lot more common for police to work with a Medium or Psychic.”

“When I was 10 living with my grandparents, I saw a ghost standing in my bedroom when I woke up. I’ve had other things happen, but that was the scariest.”

“Yes. After looking into the cause of some unexplainable incidents at home, I looked into the history of my former apartment, an old 100 plus year old house. It was haunted by a woman who committed suicide in the building in 1994 and she never left. So many unexplained sounds and the behavior of my cat and similar stories from former tenants led me to believe this was the real deal.”

“I definitely thought I did for quite some time until the internet came along and I was able to easily look stuff up. Now I am convinced my supernatural experience was a case of sleep paralysis.”


Speak your mind!

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