Relaunch Party Giveaway Day 6: A Tribute to Our Roots.

RelaunchPartyNEWAnother day, another giveaway!
Our new site is here! And despite some technical and design changes, a little expansion, and a whole lot of new ideas, we still have the same mission. We ask questions and we get answers from a variety of people in a variety of circumstances. It’s the key to understanding our similarities and accepting and learning from our differences.
While we hope that with our new site, and our new reach, we will be able to obtain a broader scope for our vision, we have no intentions of forgetting where the site, and its staff, got our start.

phillymagWe come from Philadelphia. Most (though not all) of the people who have been a part of our project thus far have been Philly born, Philly based, or somehow have other ties to the area. No matter where our project takes us, we’re taking our city, our home, with us. So what better way to celebrate the next to last day of our relaunch party then to pay homage to our roots?

Simply take our survey AND leave your name in the comments section so we know who you are and you’ll be entered to win a one year subscription to Philadelphia magazine! If you’re from our fair city, it will keep you in touch with everything Philly, and if not, you’ll enjoy reading about the culture, history, lifestyle, and people of the city of brotherly love. But hurry! Remember all of our giveaways end when the blog party is over! If you haven’t been following along, it all ends on Sunday, March 1st at midnight! That’s tomorrow! ALL of our winners will be announced Monday on our site, and on our Facebook page, so be sure to drop by and like us if you haven’t yet!

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