Relaunch Party Giveaway Day 4: iTunes Sponsored by Dirt Devils, LLC

The party rolls on! Hopefully you’ve been entering
and enjoying our relaunch party and giveaways! RelaunchPartyNEWCheck out all of this week’s contests if you have not already. One of the things we wanted for our project, our website, was for it to be as interactive as possible.
The best part of this endeavor for us is talking to people, learning about people. We’re creating a dialogue, a discussion, where perhaps otherwise there might not be one. We want to connect people. And we want to connect with you. Your voice is important. What you have to say is important. Tell us what you think today!
Follow the contest entry form below and post your comment, and you can win another $25.00 iTunes gift card. This one is provided courtesy of Dirt Devils, LLC, a commercial and residential cleaning service based in Bucks County, PA and Southern
New Jersey.
Want even more dialogue and interaction? How about just more chances to win? Check out the opportunities for bonus entries on the entry form!

Good luck and keep on enjoying the party!


*Disclosure: One of the founders of this site is co-owner of the provider of today’s giveaway prize*

4 thoughts on “Relaunch Party Giveaway Day 4: iTunes Sponsored by Dirt Devils, LLC

  1. The common thread I have always found between most people is a love of food. I would love to see highlights of restaurants, chefs, or even recipes, tips, and ideas shared by others.


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